FalconPro Software To manage Flash Real Estate Business activities

Flash Real Estate had signed a contract with Be Falcon Solutions  for using their Real estate Software "FalconPro" , a comprehensive, powerful , easy-to-use , fully integrated and cost effective Real Estate software to Manage All Real Estate Business Activities. to manage includding :-

·         Property Management: Adding all the details of the different properties (Tower, Apartment, Villa, Office, shop, store, Showroom, land , etc.) and attach photos and files related.

·         Contact Management : Adding all the details of the persons (Tenant, Seller, Buyer, Landlord ,Investor, Companies, suppliers, Brokers, etc.) and attach photos and files related.

·         Contract management: Create and print Different Contracts (Rental, Sales, Purchase, Brokerage) , follow-up and re-scheduling of installments , termination, renewal of contracts.

·         Cheque Management: Follow-up all cheques transactions starting from receiving cheques , submit to bank , clear or return the cheques .

·         Expenses: Entering all expenditure ( general or related to properties) , generate the profit and loss for each tower or property during any period.

·         Collection Management: Generate , Print and collect the bills of different fees (electricity bills, water bills, cooling bills, maintenance bills, etc.).

·         Maintenance management: Adding and follow up maintenance complaints relating to each property.

·         Reporting : The software contains a list of reports can serve all sections and departments of the company, including: -

o   Leasing Statement :a detailed report of all rented units, Contract Start & end date, Rent Value , Paid amount and remaining amount for each property during any period of time.

o   Contracts End Dates : a detailed list of all the contracts that will expire during the period , for example: During 30 days from now.

o   Uncollected Installments : a detailed list of all uncollected installments related to each property with tenant details for quick contact.

o   Building Occupancy Status : a detailed list of all units status in the building with the total number of vacancies and occupancy.

o   Customer Statement : a detailed report of all paid and the remaining amounts for each Customer.

o   Availability List : a detailed report of all available units.

o   Receipts Reports: summary and detailed reports of total amounts received in cash or cheques or  bank transfer for each unit in any period.

o   Expenses Reports: summary and detailed reports of total amounts paid in cash or cheques or  bank transfer as general expenses or related to properties in any period.

o   Received Cheques: a detailed report of all cheques received for each unit in any period.

o   Bounced Cheques: a detailed report of all bounced cheques related to units in any period.

o   Issued Cheques: a detailed report of all issued checks related to units in any period.

o   Accounting Reports , Balance sheet generating  , Trail Balance , and Profit and Loss reports .

·         Reports Design: Ability to create accounting reports through the software and saving it as template for future , example :- ( Generating Balance sheets , Profit and loss reports for each Project , tower or property.

·         Alerts and Notifications System by e-mail or SMS , including (contract renewal alerts, Delayed Installments alerts, cheques be collected alerts, Bounced cheques alert expired Documents and company licenses alerts , etc.).

·         Fully Integrated Financial System

·         Archiving System: archive all images and files relating to persons , properties, contracts , accounts, personnel and others.

·         Police Cases and Legal Cases with legal expenses and lawyer fees related to each case.

·         Security and Administration: create an unlimited number of users and control the privileges of each user.

·         Access the Software from anywhere in the world through Windows / Internet browser / Mobile.

·         Ability to Import Contacts and Properties detail from excel. 

·         Available in Arabic and English.


Home Screen – English
واجهة البرنامج باللغة الإنجليزية


Home Screen – Arabic
 واجهة البرنامج باللغة العربية